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News Isenstadt in Places journal

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a black and white photograph of a woman reading a book in a bed on a train. There is a light behind her, illuminating the room.

Electric-lighted berth on a deluxe overland limited train, ca. 1910-1920 (image courtesy the Library of Congress,

Professor Sandy Isenstadt recently published an essay in “Places,” a journal focusing on architecture, landscape, and urbanism. Titled, “At the Flip of a Switch,” Isenstadt’s article surveys the history of the light switch, from its transformational impact on the domestic sphere to its role in political theater. "Even today," he writes, "and despite the switch's complete naturalization, the expres­sion 'at the flip of a switch' retains a trace of excitement at the possibility of instantaneous transfiguration." 

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Professor Sandy Isenstadt has published an article on the history of the common, yet fascinating light switch.

Professor Sandy Isenstadt has published an article on the history of the common, yet fascinating light switch. 

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