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Curriculum Overview

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Winter 2020 Courses

Spring 2020 Courses

Within the Department at least 33 credits required (maximum 45 credits)
​Two (maximum) 100-level ARTH courses (ARTH153 and ARTH154 recommended in the freshman year)No more than 6 credits
Four courses at the 200-level or above, one each in 4 of the 5 following areas​​:
  • ​Before the Y​ear 1400​
  • ​1400-1700​
  • ​1700-1900​
  • ​1900-Present​
  • ​African, Asian, Islamic, Latin American, or Native American Art
​​Other ARTH courses at 200-level or above (excluding ARTH202/ENGL202)6
​​​ Note: A minimum of 12 of the above 24 credits must be taken at UD​
Research and Methodology in Art History (ARTH301)3
Art History course at the 300-level or above3
Art History seminar at the 400-level 3
Within the College of Arts and Sciences 15 credits of related work as follows:
Biblical and Classical Literature (ARTH202/ENGL202)3
​Any advisor-approved 200- or 300-level History course3
Nine credits from the following areas: Anthropology; Art Conservation; Studio Art; Education; English; History; Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Material Culture Studies; Music; Philosophy; and Theatre9
University Requirements:
​Critical Reading and Writing (ENGL110)3
Multicultural Requirement course3
Discovery Learning Experience3
​First Year Experience​3
University Breadth Requirements (up to 3 credits from each category may be used to satisfy the College Breadth Requirements):
​Creative Arts and Humanities​3
​History and Cultural Change​3
​Social and Behavioral Sciences​3
​Mathematics, Natural Science and Technology​3
College Requirements:
Second Writing course (after 60 credits have been approved)3
​​​Foreign language (German or French highly recommended for Art History majors)Varies
​​Mathematics (MATH113, 114, 115, 117, 121 or 210, 221, 230, 241, or higher)3
College Breadth Requirements:
​Creative Arts and Humanities (Group A)9
​​History and Cultural Change (Group B)9
​Social and Behavioral Sciences (Group C)​9
​​​Mathematics, Natural Science and Technology (Group D)10
​Sufficient electives to meet the minimum credit requirement of 124 for the Art History degreeVaries
​​Total Credits to Graduate 124

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Curriculum Overview
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