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Minor in History of Architecture and Urbanism

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The minor requires 15 credits of course work chosen from the following list, with no more than two 100-level courses:

​ARTH153​Introduction to Art History: Py​​​ramids to Cathedrals
​ARTH154​Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to Modern
​ARTH156​Rome: From Caesar to Fellini
​ARTH162​History of Architecture
​ARTH163​Architecture in Global Contexts
​ARTH198​​Studies in World Art and Architecture : Building the Western World, or other architecture related topic*
​ARTH206​Introduction to Art and Architecture in Africa
​ARTH208​Greek and Roman Art
​ARTH220​Italian Renaissance Architecture
​ARTH233​Art and Architecture in China
​ARTH244​American Architecture
​ARTH298​Global Modernism
​ARTH299​Modern Architecture
​ARTH314​Seminar: Shops and Shopping
​ARTH321​Great Cities of the World
​ARTH334​Cairo: Architecture and Revolution
​ARTH402Undergraduate Seminar in the History of Art: Amarna Art and Architecture, or other architecture related topic*
​ARTH413​Seminar in Renaissance Art and Architecture*
​ARTH414​Seminar in Italian Renaissance Architecture
​ARTH421​Seminar in Nineteenth Century Art:  Paris, or other relevant topic*
​ARTH429​Seminar in Modern Architecture
​ARTH431​Seminar in American Architecture
​ARTH445​Seminar in East Asian Art and Architecture

​Seminar in Contemporary Architecture​

Molo Design, Nebuta-no-ie Warasse, completed 2011, Aomori, Japan

​Molo Design, Nebuta-no-ie Warasse, completed 2011, Aomori, Japan (Photograph by Vimalin Rujivacharakul)

The Department of Art History recognizes the value of interdisciplinary perspectives in studying the history of architecture and urbanism. Students may substitute for one of the five ARTH courses a three-credit course related to architecture, urban studies, infrastructure, structural design, building structure, building construction, or historic preservation, offered by a different department or college with the approval of their advisor for the Minor in the Department of Art History. Alternatively, students who officially register for a three credit internship course (either ARTH464 or other internship courses offered by UD) may petition to have credits from the internship course fulfill one of the three credit courses, provided that the internship is related to the subject of architecture or urbanism. These electives must be formally approved by and submitted to the Departmental Chair or the Departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Several courses in the Minor in History of Architecture and Urbanism may be applied toward fulfilling Group A and B breadth requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.

* Please note: topic courses are only accepted towards this minor when the specific subject matter relates to architecture and/or urbanism.​​

History of Architecture and Urbanism Minor Guide​

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Minor in History of Architecture and Urbanism
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Minor in History of Architecture and Urbanism
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