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Photo Galleries

Image Picker for Section 0 Activities/allen-study-abroad-2020.jpg<p><br></p><p>Jane Allen, a junior art history and Ancient Greek and Roman studies double major, visits Vatican City while studying abroad in Rome. (Photo courtesy of Jane Allen)</p>Jane Allen smiles in front of the Vatican. Activities/stone-italy-2019.jpg<p><br></p><p>​David Stone, invited by a team of conservation scientists, inspects  the state of preservation of Guercino’s “Aurora” fresco (c. 1622). (Photo courtesy of David Stone)</p>David stone stands on a platform and points to a fresco on the ceiling. 2019/doctoral-hooding-2019a.jpg<p>​Front row, from left: Michele L. Frederick (PhD '19), Professor H. Perry Chapman, Caitlin Hutchison (PhD '19), Professor Lawrence Nees, Jeffrey Richmond-Moll (PhD '19), and Professor Wendy Bellion at the doctoral hooding ceremony, May 31, 2019 (photograph courtesy of Wendy Bellion)</p>Doctoral Hooding Ceremony 2019 Art History at 50/Art-History-50th_087.jpg<p>​</p><p>Wayne Craven<br></p>​Wayne Craven Student Lecture Series/2019-events-GSLS-2019-rather-2.jpg<p>​<a href="" title="Faculty bio" target="_blank"><strong><br></strong></a></p><p>Susan Rather, Professor of Art History at the University of Texas at Austin, returned to her alma mater to present "Memento: Samuel F.B. Morse's First Art Teacher and the Resonance of Miniature Painting" as the Wayne Craven Lecture for the 2019-20 Graduate Student Lecture Series.</p>Rather stands behind a podium and delivers her lecture. Old College/ocl02-1853.jpg<p>​</p><p>Old College, as it looked between 1853, when the cupola was added, and 1902, when the side pavilions were built. This photo, which includes a glimpse of the newly-constructed Recitation Hall at the right, must have been taken after 1892 and before 1902. (photo © University Archives and Record Management, University of Delaware)<br></p>Old College, ca. 1892-1902 Events/Undergrad_3.JPG<p>​</p><p>(L-R) Bianca Thiruchittampalam, Annabelle Fichtner, Francis Mahon, Harry Lewis, all presented at the first annual Undergraduate Symposium on April 10, 2018. The event was hosted by the Graduate Student Mentoring Program for Undergraduates. <br></p>Four students stand in a row

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