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Second Writing Requirement Courses

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Please note: the second writing requirement must be taken by all students in their junior or senior year only. The following courses fulfill the second writing requirement of Arts and Sciences. See the relevant Registration Booklet each semester for additional courses.​

​ARTH301​​Research and Methodology in Art History​​​​
ARTH302​​Prints and Society
​ARTH310​The Role of the Artist in Society
​ARTH311​Women, Society, and the Arts
​​ARTH402​Undergraduate Seminar in the History of Art
​ARTH405​Seminar in Greek and Roman Art
​ARTH406​Seminar in Medieval Art
​ARTH413​Seminar in Renaissance Art and Architecture
​ARTH417​Seminar in Northern Baroque Art
​ARTH419​Seminar in Art of the Iberian World, 1400-1800
​ARTH423​Seminar in Modern Art since 1900
​ARTH429​Seminar in Modern Architecture
​ARTH431​Seminar in American Architecture
​​ARTH435​Seminar in American Art
​ARTH440​Seminar in Latin American Art
​ARTH445​Seminar in East Asian Art and Architecture
​ARTH456​Seminar in Contemporary Architecture​

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Second Writing Requirement
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Second Writing Requirement Courses
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