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Distribution Areas of Art History Courses

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Before the Year 1400
ARTH207Art o​​f Ancient Egypt and the Near East
​​ARTH208​Greek and Roman Art
​ARTH209Early Medieval Art, 200-1000 A.D.
​​​ARTH210​Later Medieval Art, 1000-1400 A.D.
​​​ARTH405​Seminar in Greek and Roman Art
​ARTH406​Seminar in Medieval Art

​ARTH213Art of the Northern Renaissance
​​​ARTH217​Renaissance Art in a Global Perspective: The 1400s
​ARTH218​Renaissance Art in a Global Perspective: The 1500s
​​​ARTH219​​Art of the Italian Renaissance
​​​ARTH220​Italian Renaissance Architecture
ARTH222Baroque Art
ARTH303Art of the Iberian World, 1400-1800
ARTH304​​​Northern Baroque Art: The Age of Rubens, Rembrandt, and Vermeer
​ARTH305​Italian Baroque Art: Metaphor and Marvel
ARTH311​Women, Society, and the Arts
​ARTH413Seminar in Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARTH414​Seminar in Italian Renaissance Architecture
​ARTH415Seminar in Italian Baroque Art
ARTH417​​Seminar in Northern Baroque Art
​​ARTH419​Seminar in Art of the Iberian World, 1400-1800


ARTH225Eighteenth-Century Art
​​​​ARTH227​Modern Art: The Nineteenth Century
ARTH230American Art, 1607-1865
​​​ARTH243​​​American Decorative Arts, 1700-1900
ARTH307Monet to Picasso: Art in France, 1860-1910
ARTH421​​​Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Art


​ARTH228Modern Art since 1900
ARTH229Contemporary Art
ARTH231​American Art, 1865-Present
​​​​ARTH245​​​The American Home
ARTH248​​African American Art
ARTH299​Modern Architecture
​​ARTH318History of Photography
​​ARTH319Photography in the United States
ARTH423​​Seminar in Modern Art since 1900
ARTH424​Seminar in Film
​ARTH425​​​Silent Cinema
​ARTH427​Seminar in the History of Photography
​​ARTH429​​​​Seminar in Modern Architecture
ARTH431​Seminar in American Architecture
​​​​ARTH456​​​​Seminar in Contemporary Architecture


​​​​African, Asian, Islamic​, Latin ​American, or Native American Art​​
​​​​​ARTH203Art of the Black and African Diaspora
​​ARTH204​​Architecture and Power in Africa
ARTH206​Introduction to Art and Architecture in Africa
​​​ARTH232​​Art of Latin America
ARTH233​​Art and Architecture in China
​​ARTH236Arts of the Islamic World
ARTH237Art of Tibet
ARTH238​​​Islamic Architecture of Africa: Cairo to Timbuktu
​​​​​ARTH298​Global Modernism
​​ARTH334​​Cairo: Architecture and Revolution
​​​​​​​ARTH338Mayan Art and Architecture
​​ARTH420​​​Seminar in African Art
​​​​​ARTH440​Seminar in Latin American Art
​​ARTH445​​Seminar in East Asian Art and Architecture
​​​​​ARTH457​Survey of African Art

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Distribution Areas of Art History Courses
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