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Opportunities for Research

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Jan Steen, The Drawing Lesson, 1665


Jan Steen, The Drawing Lesson, 1665, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California (Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program)

UD's art history students have ample opportunities to conduct independent research. All majors take at least one 400-level seminar designed to provide experience in research and writing in a specific field under the close guidance of a faculty member. For students who intend to continue on to a master's degree or a Ph.D. in art history, or in another academic area, seminar work is particularly valuable, both educationally and as professional experience.

Students are also encouraged to conceive and execute special projects under the guidance of a faculty member, using the resources offered by the University of Delaware's Special Collections and Museums, the Undergraduate Research Program, and the Institute for Global Studies.

Senior Thesis

Art History majors may choose to obtain a Degree with Distinction by completing a Senior Thesis with the supervision of a faculty member. The Undergraduate Research Program offers a variety of opportunities for students wishing to complete a thesis. The Summer Scholars and McNair Scholars programs are particularly helpful for launching thesis projects and proposals, as they not only provide financial support to students, but also offer guidance to those wishing to continue on to graduate school.

Independent Study Projects

Students may also earn academic credit for independent research projects that grow out of coursework, internships, a Summer Scholars program, or study abroad experiences. Students who wish to engage in independent study projects may, with the approval of a departmental faculty member directing such study, sign up under ARTH366-xxx and ARTH466-xxx. The specific section number depends on the faculty member directing the project. For more information on Independent Study courses, contact your faculty advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Study and Research Abroad

UD’s Institute for Global Studies offers a variety of study abroad programs that provide direct access to art collections and monuments around the world. IGS is also the campus administrator of the Fulbright Program, the United States flagship international education organization that provides selected participants with the opportunity to study, teach, and conduct research in other countries.

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Opportunities for Research
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Opportunities for Research
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