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Art History Major

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Morton Schamberg, Painting VIII (Mechanical Abstraction), 1916


Morton Schamberg, Painting VIII (Mechanical Abstraction), 1916, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photograph by George Freeman)

​In addition to the University and College of Arts and Sciences requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, a major in Art History requires a minimum of 33 credit hours in the Department and 15 hours of related work.

As the Department aims to provide majors with significant work on a broad range of art, they are required to complete a combination of lecture courses and seminars including at least one from four of the following five areas:

  • Before the year 1400
  • 1400-1700
  • 1700-1900
  • 1900-present
  • African, Asian, Islamic, Latin American, or Native American art

A maximum of two 100-level courses may count towards the major, and ARTH153 or ARTH154 are recommended. Qualified students may supplement regular courses with independent study courses on an individual basis.

Majors will be required to take ARTH301 (Research and Methodology in Art History), which must be taken in the fall term of the junior year, unless the student is abroad or has just transferred into the program as a senior. Majors are also required to take one 300 or above course and one 400-level seminar.

As related work, ARTH202/ENGL202 (Biblical and Classical Literature) and any 200- to 300-level History course approved by the advisor are required. The remaining nine (9) credits may be taken, with approval, from the following areas: Anthropology; Art Conservation; Studio Art; Education; English; History; Languages, Literatures and Cultures (except those used to fulfill the College's language requirement); Material Culture Studies; Music; Philosophy; and Theatre. We recommend a second History course, a Studio Art course, and a Languages, Literatures and Cultures course at or above the 200-level (i.e., a literature course).

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Art History Major
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Art History Major
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