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Maya, Castillo, ca. 800-900 CE, Chichén Itzá, Mexico (Photograph copyright © Allan T. Kohl/Art Images for College Teaching)

Art History faculty partner with Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) to provide advisement and academic support for our majors and minors. Freshmen and sophomores in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) are advised by UAS, which also provides orientation services for new students.

Juniors (60+ credits) and all seniors are assigned to a faculty adviser within Art History. Starting with their second semester at UD, transfer students are assigned to a faculty adviser.

Faculty advisers are an invaluable resource and students are strongly encouraged to remain in regular contact with them and to meet at least once per semester, whether in person, virtually or by phone. While the responsibility for course selection rests with the student, faculty advisers can:

  • provide accurate information and thoughtful advice in course selection
  • assist students with coursework planning
  • help students develop disciplinary interests
  • guide students to explore graduate school and career interests
  • assess students’ progress toward their degree

The Department of Art History reviews majors and minors annually, typically at the end of the fall term. Students should meet with their faculty advisers before this time. While faculty can offer valuable guidance, each student is ultimately responsible for the decisions that affect their academic careers.

Important Contacts for Art History Majors and Minors

The College of Arts and Sciences’ Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS):

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Professor Vimalin Rujivacharakul

Art History Business Administrator, for information regarding course enrollment, registration permissions, Independent Studies registration and convocation: Linda J.​ Magner

Registrar’s Office:

Academic Advising:

​Participants in the Mentoring Program in Art History, Spring 2017 (Photograph by George Freeman)

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