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Advising for Majors​

Castillo, ca. 800-900 CE, Chichen Itza, Mexico


Maya, Castillo, ca. 800-900 CE, Chichén Itzá, Mexico (Photograph copyright © Allan T. Kohl/Art Images for College Teaching)

Art History majors are advised by full-time faculty members in the Department. Students are assigned to an advisor as soon as they declare the major in Art History, and are encouraged to stay in close contact for general academic information and mentorship. Students should schedule appointments with their advisors at least twice a year for help in planning a curriculum using the Check Sheet below. Advisors also offer office hours for students to discuss their academic progress or plans for the future, such as careers or graduate school.

​Check Sheet for B.A. Requirements​

Advising for Minors

Minors in Art History or in the History of Architecture and Urbanism are advised by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

​Participants in the Mentoring Program in Art History, Spring 2017 (Photograph by George Freeman)

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