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Undergraduate Program

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Petersen Class, Fall 2014


​Students making Roman-inspired mosaics as part of Professor Petersen's class (Photograph by George Freeman)

​The Department of Art History at the University of Delaware is dedicated to education and research in the history of the visual arts. As one of the best and most demanding departments within the University, we are especially known for our first-rate faculty. Recognized internationally as leading authorities in their fields, our faculty members are dedicated to excellence in teaching (two of our members have won the University Excellence in Teaching Award) and excellence in scholarship (numerous faculty members have won prestigious grants and awards) Our preeminence in American art and architecture is fostered by the unique constellation of programs, including the Winterthur programs in American Material Culture and Art Conservation that makes the University of Delaware such an exciting place. We further benefit from the Paul R. Jones Collection of African American Art, an internationally famous collection housed in the University Museums. The Department also boasts top-rate programs in the study of European art and architecture from Antiquity to the nineteenth century, as well as in Modern and Contemporary art and theory. In recent years our dedication to expanding into fields of non-Western art has led to appointments in African, Latin American, and Chinese art and architecture.​

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Undergraduate Program
  • Department of Art History
  • University of Delaware
  • 318 Old College
  • Newark, DE 19716 USA
  • Phone: 302-831-8415